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Why do you need a Pre & Post Repair Scan?

Today in order to fix a car properly, you have to consider what kind of on board diagnostic and crash avoidance features it has. Cars equipped with such features require a pre-and post repair scan of the on board sytem.


The Problem for repairs right now is that some shops are not equipped to perform such repairs, or they might not even know they need to do them. Secondly, the Insurance companies  are not familiar with thesesystems, nor the time required to properly scan and calibrate them and will sometimes REFUSE TO PAY FOR THIS STEP. If so, please contact the shop to discuss.

Modern car's onboard systems called ECM's operate systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Change Assist, Vehicle Stability, Collision Avoidance, Blind Spot Detection, Back Up Cameras, Front & Rear Radar, Side impact Pre-Tensioners, Heads Up Display and Self Parking. When involved in a collisionyour vehicle will store "Fault codes" in the computer that may or may not show a warning ight on the dashboard.


A pre scan happens before repairs start and searches for these fault codes to look for issues with the system components that misght have been damaged in the accident , or might need to be "flashed" or re-calibrated.

Post-Repair scans happen once the vehicle is fully repaired and are performed to insure that all codes have been identified and cleard if needed. Most collision repair shops do not even look unless there is a code showing on the dashboard and this can compromise you and your families safety as the system will not work as expected

So What Exaclty Are Pre and Post Repair Scans?

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Consumer Alert!!!

Beware of any insurance company employees who require or influence you to bring your damaged vehicle to a specific repair shop for appraisal.

This is adirect violation of Connecticut Anti-Steering Law that protects you, the consumer.

The law specifically states that no insurance appraiser, adjuster or employee shall require that appraisals shall or shall not be made at a specific repair facility

Protect your right as a consumer!

Choose the collision repair facility of your choice,

not the choice of an insurance company.